The Story of Tea


Tea Aguilar is a singer/songwriter/musician/band/graphic artist hailing from Waco,Texas (AKA "The Heart of Texas" ). The music he creates as an experimental singer/songwriter/band  paints vibrant pictures using musical landscapes that are full of color and at times dark and edgy. He then gives them voice and life with a poetic writing style and melodic vocals that can transport you on an emotional ride straight into the heart of the song. Tea sings and plays acoustic guitar while tending to a box of toys including synthesizers, beat pads, vocal effects, etc, routing all of these instruments including his guitar and voice into his pedal board which consists of various delay,distortion, and a loop pedals.... With everything going through his units, he can at times loop his voice as a beat, or smack a guitar in rhythm to loop a beat, or drum pads or synth or all of the above to create a useful backing track LIVE, organically built. Sometimes it can be a simple honest delivery with just guitar and vocal , it all depends on the setting. Tea can play as a one man band or as a duo( w/an aux percussion player) or a 3 piece band with a drummer and an auxiliary percussion/bell player, or a 4 piece band with w/all of the above + bass guitar, tweaking the arrangements to suit and give expression to the performance. Mr. Aguilar currently finished his third Tea record titled "UPRIGHT EVO", this is the follow up record to "GLASS". Teas musical history includes a hand full of hard rock and metal bands to start with, he was the front man for acts like Texas based art rock band "OJO" along with a few other eclectic rock outfits. After the early metal adventures, Tea started to come into him self, he wanted more than crazy live shows and awesome time changing circus rock, so he started a sort of solo act called Spore 333 which allowed him to step out of the ultra hyped front man singer role and get into the guitar a bit more and sing and write what would be the beginning of a long journey in his experimental rock hat, after feeling a bit limited with just a guitar he began to get more into sound modules and other ways to create the organic electronic side of his musical heart. Tea started writing tunes that didn't fit into a single class as he started creating sounds under TEA AGUILAR around 2012, since then he has experimented with ways to ground his eclectic acoustic rock stylings and also be as diverse as he wishes to be, today he writes songs in a singer songwriter vein, some are well graspable and some are loud soulful cries for emotional release, Tea also creates instrumentals and beat style soundscapes, which sometimes can convey the story of a song even clearer than a song with words. Many people claim to stand out and be original, and some truly are, Tea Aguilar is one of these true originals, his songs are graspable but leave you with a feeling of where did this come from?, what is this?, why do I like it?, Tea also works with a few different projects, due to his addiction to creation, during his journey he has had mentions in numerous publications from Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Waco, and has had the pleasure of performing at some of the most renowned venues known to to the independent grind, As "Spore 333" Tea landed a quarter page story in the world famous music mag "MUSIC CONNECTION", Also, as Tea Aguilar he landed the cover story in "the CITY REVIEW", a Waco, Texas publication, he's even had a great story in "Bohemia Journal", Digging further back, Tea's also had the opportunity to be on the syndicated music show called "TEXAS MUSIC CAFE" as an early avant rock project by the name of "Phylum", (a possible return to the show as Tea Aguilar may be in the cards,since the show has recently been picked back up by network), Tea was also chosen to be a part of an original music series called "IN TUNE" A live performance show filmed and produced by "Infinite Entertainment" and "RED C Tv". At the moment T. Aguilar hopes to use the new record as a tool to create more musical relationships with people of like minds, Aguilar is working towards producing audio for films, utilizing his soundscape abilities to help some indie films reach it's emotional potential. Aguilar is also a graphic artist, As he makes his way through a new series of paintings designed to be accompanied by a future instrumental/ beat album which will probably be his strangest audio effort to date (more info to come), Tea welcomes you to his home in outer space and hopes you enjoy the music and art, stay in touch , reach out to the tea camp with any questions or inquiries you might have, join the mailing list, and spread the word about a music that dares to be it self.